Who is the “Dead Unicorn” Music Band?

Mainstream music has seemed to turn its back on covering important issues in lyrics and in presentation which is exactly why Dead Unicorn strives to push the envelop in subject matter and content. Gone are the days of Bob Dylan crooning about the events of the day, the impact it has on the human race and the overall metaphorical element of the situation’s deeper meaning. While pop music has always proven a bit shallow, the current trend has become more than just discouraging. From mindless lyrics regarding being single and wanting a ring placed on that pesky ring finger to simply needing more alcohol to get through the night, pop music plays to the masses who simply do not care about intelligent material or want to think about the importance of the covered topic. Genocide, AIDS and the internal conflict of war are not sexy topics. Girls with booty shorts and plenty of booze are. For individuals looking for an outlet to explore that provides a refreshing break from these inferior subjects and bland lyrics, Dead Unicorn provides a look not just into current situation, survival of the human race and even the very nature of mythological beings, but the well being of mankind in general.

Unicorn Importance

Unicorns are the majestic beast that appears in cultural mythos around the world.

The unicorn remains one of the most discussed and inspired mythical creatures. The combination of a majestic horse and the additional element of a horn combined to bring about beauty and sophistication, all into a single, mythological element. The white horse has long been a symbol of a savior in the battlefield, a king to lead his people. The good always ride on the white and the evil always on the black (which is probably why nobody ever discusses a black horse unicorn). Dead unicorn is the exclamation point of anti fantasy. It represents the death of a dream and the end of fantasy. Dreaming about frolicking is not something that has served the human race, yet it is something that everyone seemingly does when listening to the inferior musical lyrics. Dead Unicorn wants to show listeners that life is not all a dream but it can also just as quickly turn into a nightmare. For anyone who turns on the news, logs online or just talks with friends and family members, often times it is the nightmare that can fully take over. So why doesn’t anyone want to openly discuss it? Dead Unicorn does, and it does so admirably in the group’s music.

Alternative with a Twist

Dead Unicorn is more than just a single genre classification. It is it’s own style.

The band brings an almost alternative rock style to the forefront, although calling it specifically alternative rock doesn’t justify its label, nor does tossing it into the “indie band” label mix either, as that suggests hipsters are coming out of the woodworks to pick up a vinyl album of the latest release. Initially inspired by the Red Dead Redemption unicorn mission, a unicorn also symbolizes redemption and a quest for hope. While some might morn that it is dead, it should be praised for existing. The group should also be praised for existing and for singing about topics that many do not want to listen to.

Although not a more modernized Bob Dylan, the group does want to openly discuss what has made the world and why it is important to look at the real world without shades over the eyes and to look past the dreams, even if it means killing it.