Unicorn Games List

Regal, mythical creatures with a vengeance or cute ponies with a horn that fly amongst the rainbows? No matter how you see or perceive the unicorn, I think that we can all agree that playing unicorn games online is pretty awesome. Whether you’re legitimately interested in unicorns or you are just looking for some fun, playful time while sitting in a waiting room or laying in bed, unicorn games are some of the most fun challenges that can be had.

How do you pick through and find the best unicorn games online, though?  That’s where we come in.  Let’s get to it!

Unicorn Games for Girls

Over at GirlsGoGames.com, there are four very popular unicorn games for girls.  As you can probably figure out, Girls Go Games specializes in running online games that appeal to girls and you’ve hit the jackpot with their selection of unicorn games.  These titles include:

  • My Baby Unicorn 1 and 2:  This franchise online based unicorn game is fun and full of anticipation as you try to keep your baby unicorn healthy and happy.
  • Unicorn Dress Up:  What’s better than dressing up dolls in any outfit you want and accessorizing them to your heart’s content?  Dressing up unicorns!  Add some bling to that horn and really make your unicorn sparkle.
  • Fantasy Filly:  A slightly different take on Unicorn dress up.  The color schemes are different but, then again, you decide what color everything is because you get to design your own unicorn!  Oh, and for all of you pegasus lovers out there…they have wings too!  Woot woot. 

Unicorn Games for Boys

Then, there are the unicorn games that are aimed towards the boys.  Yes, boys and girls are different and that’s why these games for boys are made, well, just a little more edgy.  You have to give these game developers some credit, though. It’s difficult to make a unicorn game that is interesting to boys…these ones get that done!

  • Death Unicorn of Death:  Don’t worry…the game isn’t as bad as the name would suggest.  Here’s the story that goes along with this game:  Unicorns do exist!  Awesome.  However, not all unicorns are the nicest of creatures.  Not so awesome.  This game is more suited towards the teen boys, but they can really get into it.  Defend your unicorns or destroy the bad ones! You can find this unicorn game here!
  • Robot Unicorn Attack, Evolution:  Simple premise.  The unicorn is all cute and harmonious…until you find out that it’s a robot unicorn that you have to run from. Run… Get out of there.  Go as fast as you can.  Just get away from evil Robot Unicorn.

As you can see, the boys and girls unicorn games have differing levels of spice and nice.  But, that’s not a big deal. Who is to say that a boy can’t like one of the girls games and vice versa?  ‘To each his own unicorn’ is what we always say.  Maybe they should instead be called unicorn games for kids? Yes, that’s it!  And that’s what we’re going with.

One of Our Favorite Unicorn Games

Sometimes, those games that are utterly addictive start to raise their lovely unicorn heads out of the masses and stick themselves into the minds of many.  That’s what the Unicorn Dash game has done on thousands of Android devices around the world.It’s basic, but oh so tantalizing!

  • In Unicorn Dash you operate a beautiful Unicorn that “dashes” from one lovely, magical forest platform to another.  Misjudge the speed and you fall.  Jump at the wrong time or location…you fall.  No worries, though, you get three lives to power through.  Oh, and be forewarned:  You may look up from your smart phone or tablet and realized that an hour or more has passed since you started Unicorn Dash-ing! Unicorn Dash is available for download on Google Play or Free on many online platforms across the internet.

Unicorn Games for Adults

Well, this is a little difficult.  You could actually put any of the games that we’ve talked about already into an adult category because, really, we’re all kids when it comes to playing games.

However, if we had to pick one we’d have to pick The Last Winged Unicorn.  The story line of TLWU is a bit more emotionally mature (because let’s face it, being the last of a race is pretty heavy).  It’s an action and arcade game where you have to save the last unicorn (again..yay…another flying unicorn game!) and save the race.

That’s our best run down of online unicorn games that we think will appeal to young, old, boy or girl and probably most of them will be liked by all!