The Beginning of the Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows

The very first form of this now popular meme was a song. Huang was known for creating funny songs and clips, so he racked up thousands of views on his new “Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows” video within the first day of posting. His deadpan and overly enthusiastic style of singing, paired with the sappy lyrics, made it an instant hit. Some people liked the song honestly, while others simply posted it as an ironic endorsement of a Youtube video they found supremely annoying. The first version of the video premiered on November 11th, 2010.

Deconstructing the Lyrics

The song is simple and repetitive. It is easy to memorize and all too easy to get stuck in your head after only one listen. The lyrics include gems like:

  • The chorus, which consists of the phrase “Pink fluffy unicorns dancing of rainbows” repeated at least four times in a row
  • A question and answer segment about the unicorns and what they are dancing on
  • Loud shouts of the words pink and smiles to punctuate the song

In short, it is the perfect song for children to annoy their parents with on a long car ride. Many people loop the song endlessly when they are experiencing a bad mood and want something to lift their spirits.

The Expanding World of the Pink Fluffy Unicorn

Of course, a single video doesn’t make a meme. People starting copying and expanding on the pink fluffy unicorn idea only days after the first song was uploaded. Within a few weeks there were numerous animations to match the song, including the classic one with a My Little Pony character drawn as the unicorn. This crossover with a well known television show brought a lot of new attention to the meme. Other people started putting their own spin on the song too, adding morbid or even sillier lyrics to piggyback off the original’s success.

A New Youtube Classic

The expansion and parodying of the concept spread it further across Youtube. While the song receives only a few thousand new views a month now, millions of people are familiar enough with the meme that they recall the lyrics instantly when you so much as say the name. It has become practically a household name despite being nothing more than a hastily written humorous song with very few lines.

Further Memes Featuring Dancing Unicorns

The fluffy pink unicorn is far from the only horned horse to dance across the world of social media. A real life version of the meme has taken off. Called Unicorning, it involves a life sized unicorn mask that covers the entire head. Friends get together to dance or do other silly stunts while wearing the mask in the hopes of creating their own viral videos and pictures.