Best Unicorn Mobile Game: A Comprehensive Look at Unicorn Dash

In our last post about some of the most popular Unicorn games that you can play online or on your mobile device, we mentioned one of our favorites: Unicorn Dash.  We felt that you would do better with a deeper look into the wildly popular mobile game app and here is our full review of the game.

Unicorn on!

Unicorn Dash Game on Google Play

  • Developer: Independent
  • Downloads: +5k
  • Content Rating: Everyone

The story behind Unicorn Dash seems simple.  You play a lone Unicorn.  However, this isn’t your typical “lone wolf” or “rebel” unicorn that wants to be on his or her own.  No.  You’re unicorn is lost.  As part of a bigger herd of magical creatures, your unicorn has become separated.  Rather than let your unicorn panic, it is your job to help her get back to the herd and make everything right again in the unicorn kingdom.

Don’t take this task lightly!  Being separated from the herd is terrifying and your job is to keep your unicorn calm and on the move.

Game Play of Unicorn Dash

This is one of those apps for android that is built for lovers of unicorns and those looking to kill some time.  It’s a magical world.  You dash your unicorn from level to level, trying to get back and reclaim his spot among the other unicorns.  However, you can’t just wildly dash forward.  This type of voyage takes skill and coordination.  You’re in a magical kingdom, after all, and you can never quite guess what may come next to get in your way.  Here’s a look at a few of the obstacles:

Leaps and Falls

While you’re dashing with your unicorn, you’ll come to treacherous gaps in the magical worlds and forests that your hurrying through.  To make it more difficult, the land and platforms that you’re on are of varying heights.  Be careful.  If you jump to early, too late, or not at all…your unicorn will fall and you’ll need to begin again.


You mean besides the huge holes?  Yes, there’s more!  As you dash through the lands and jump, you’ll encounter other magical creatures that will knock you off of the platforms, such as magical fish.  If you’re not able to avoid these obstacles then your unicorn will never get back to his herd.  Be careful.  Stay alert and ready to react.

There are three types of game play in Unicorn dash:  Run, flappy, and adventure.  The “run” option is a totally, straightforward dash on levels until your lives are gone.  The “Adventure” option involved the story line of the game and allows you to progress and get close to the herd each time.

The cinematics of the app are not the best available but the colorful, magical worlds that you dash through are pretty and can just about anyone’s attention.

Final Analysis:

We thoroughly enjoyed playing Unicorn Dash for quite a while.  While the game play can get a bit tedious, the game does its job of keeping you occupied and focused on the game when you’re looking to kill time or just have a blast.

Here are some other reviews from the Play Store:

“5 Star Game.  Thank you.”

“Very nice graphics.”

You can download Unicorn Dash from the Google Play store for FREE or find Unicorn Dash Online here.